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How-To-Hairstyles houses about 10,000 images of only the best hairstyles and haircuts for men, women of all ages. In here, we can help you find inspiration for your next hairstyle; we make sure to provide you only the hottest trends for 2014 and the timeless classics.

  • Description: This long layered haircut is unique provided that colors used are monochromatic from deep purple to light pink. It is really a unique colored hairstyl…
  • Description:

    This wonderfully braided long hair is given a more interesting character with the systematic use of this pastel pink and purple colors.

  • Description: Long wavy hair are definitely not boring; most especially when you add this really interesting colors of pink and purple. The two colors chosen are no…
  • Description: This mid length blonde hair is pretty casual, it looks simple yet when you get down to the tips it gets more interesting with the wise use of pink and…
  • Description: This hairstyle is pretty amazing, the hairstyle is simple yet it brings out an alluring presence; moreover with  the addition of this amazing deep pu…

  • Description: The bottom flares in this medium length haircut is also known as "fly away" hair... in earlier eras this type of hairstyle is done much shorter and co…
  • Description: Wavy hair in older women creates the same gorgeous effect, how every wave falls on your face complements your face's shape. For women with widow peak …
  • Description: Women with naturally curly hair can get away fashionable by simply letting their hair down, like this hairstyle beautiful curls on a medium length hai…
  • Description: Women being 40 years old and above have two common concerns; hair thinning and graying, if you don't have thinning problem then this sexy medium lengt…

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2013-2014 Haircuts and Hairstyles Ideas

Every year the anticipation of the fashion trends is inevitable; more than just the style of clothing the haircuts and hairstyles are what most people are waiting for. What makes 2014 hairstyles different from the recent years is the fact that, today; the versatility, complexity, simplicity, boldness of hairstyles are blended in together to form the hairstyles that would trend this year.

Just like the season, hairstyles changes but consequently the change in season brings about the change in hairstyles. The start of spring sparks in the push for  change as the summer sets in the warmer it gets; the urge to get shorter, fresher and easier hairstyles emerge. Watch out for the fall and winter hairstyle trends we will be posting them real soon.

Though there are seasonal hairstyles; there will also be the “staple” 2014 hairstyles for women the trend hairstyles will be the; messy look or easy bed hair, the fringe,  long hair, bob hairstyles, wet look, side part, vintage styles, low ponytails, and pixies. For men there are five styles that are expected to dominate 2014, these are; the pompadours, brush up, crew cut, fauxhawk and the layered shag.  2014 hairstyle ideas for men are definitely recurring; classic brush ups and pompadours are in and are expected to be hot throughout the year.

If you are not the type that follows fashion fads and hair trends, don’t worry we still got you covered; we have a huge selection of the best hairstyles and all time favorites. You can also take advantage of our pick and print option to help you out in deciding for your hairstyles.  We also have a bunch of helpful articles that can help you with the most common hair tips and tricks. Our comment sections are also enabled for you to freely express your ideas or even questions which will be happily entertained by our hair experts and of course other fellow members.Register it’s free, and most of all its fun.